Already ISO9001/14001 Certified? You need to read this

If you are already certified to ISO9001 or ISO14001 Standards then you need to read this as the new versions of these Standards will shortly be in effect and you need to prepare your transition strategy


Transition Support from Performance Plus.

ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO14001 Environmental Management.

The need to transition your registration for Quality (ISO9001) and the Environment (ISO14001) is now becoming more urgent with the final deadline of September 2018 approaching fast. Yes this is still over 18 months away, but with the pattern of visits from your registration body typically only once or at most twice in a calendar year there is a need to act soon. Delay could result in extra, special visits from your certification body and that will mean extra costs.

So we advise getting prepared to carry out the transition / upgrade to the 2015 edition standards in 2017 or at the latest in early 2018.

What needs to be done, by whom, when, how and why?

This note aims to give an initial insight and a potential way forward.

Gap Analysis

In other words find out what has to be done in order to meet the requirements of the revised standard(s).

Many of the certification bodies will offer a checklist for use in determining what needs to be changes or introduced.

Plan of Action

In basic terms this is a �who does what & when� plan, in order to address the needs shown from the Gap Analysis.

Contact your Certification Body

Discuss the timescales for their involvement in the transition process and the amount of time and hence cost that will be required.

Time and Resource

Do you / your organisation have the time, knowledge and experience to get this work completed in an effective and timely manner?

Help & Guidance

We have prepared a cost effective process to help you through the transition process. Our objective is to smooth your path forwards, whilst minimising any disruption to the vital delivery of customer requirements. This could range from a simple discussion or gap analysis through to a full package of support and training to ease the load all the way to the receipt of the certificates for registration against the 2015 edition(s) of the standard(s).

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