Continuous Improvement

You can’t progress if you’re standing still … or can you?

If you consulted the vast majority of business guides, on-line business help sites or self-styled business ‘gurus’, the standard advice to any business owner is that you can’t afford to stand still in the current commercial environment. You must change, evolve and improve to stay in business.

Looking at any of the ISO Management Standards, you’ll see they specify that a process of continual improvement needs to be demonstrated to comply with the selected Standard.

So how can you combine this necessity for reflection, consideration, and change with the imperative to keep moving ahead, to keep progressing?

Framework for Improvement

Fortunately, ISO Standards provide a framework for the business owner to manage this process of continual improvement; it’s called the PDCA cycle. In simplistic terms, it can be described as:

P – Plan

Establish your objectives their resulting processes and the resources necessary to deliver the planned results

D – Do

Implement that which has been planned

C – Check

Monitor and measure the processes and resulting products and services against established policies and objectives and report the results

A – Act

Take actions to improve performance and make changes as necessary

Once this PDCA cycle becomes an established part of a company’s routine then continuous improvement is a natural outcome. This satisfies the requirements of any chosen standard but, more importantly, ensures that your company will naturally evolve and change to keep pace with customer requirements and external circumstances.

PerformancePlus helps organisations seeking International Standards certification to implement a robust PDCA cycle of operation and to provide systems to document and monitor it to enable continuous improvement.

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