Is it Worth the Risk? COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We hope you’re staying safe and alert and getting through the COVID-19 pandemic as best you can, both yourself personally and your organisations.

Our team is working almost exclusively remotely supporting our clients in their business needs.

One of the latest challenges has been the government requirement for all businesses to carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment. This is particularly relevant in line as the number of staff returning to work is increasing.

It makes good sense to ensure that all sensible and appropriate precautions are considered and then the actions that best fit your business are taken. The application of considered ‘common sense’ is a powerful tool, but oh so lacking these days. Why is everything always someone else’s responsibility?

Get off the soapbox!

What’s actually required is a Risk Assessment, linked to an Infectious Disease policy and an action and awareness plan.

If you have any queries or would benefit from some support in this area, we are offering a new programme in conjunction with Shepherd Health & Safety. We will compile the Risk Assessment, match it into an Infection Control Policy and an action plan as appropriate.

The cost of this process is £475 (plus VAT).

If this is of interest then please complete our ‘Contact Me‘ form to let us know the best time to reach you or call us on 01284 330400.