Coronavirus Update

Update: 19 May 2020

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Programme

We hope that you are getting through the COVID-19 pandemic as best you can, both yourself personally and your organisations.

P+P is working almost exclusively remotely supporting our clients in their business needs.

One of the latest challenges was the government requirement for all businesses to carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment, particularly in line with staff (increasingly) returning to work.

If you have any queries or would benefit from some support in this area then in conjunction with Shepherd Health & Safety we now offer a programme to compile the Risk Assessment, match it into an Infection Control Policy and an action plan as appropriate.

The cost of this programme is £475 (plus VAT).

If this is of interest then please complete our ‘Contact Me‘ form to let us know the best time to reach you.

Update: 16 March 2020

PerformancePlus and the Coronavirus

The World would seem to be in the grip of the Coronavirus Pandemic and it is or will affect all our organisations to a greater or lesser extent, probably throughout the majority of 2020. The situation is changing very rapidly with an escalation of infection and hence impact upon the UK and virtually all of the world markets.

What is the PerformancePlus attitude and response to the situation?

  • P+P is not centrally office-based or located, rather the Directors and Associates work from discrete locations and not in groups with others. This should provide a degree of segregation (isolation) and reduce the likelihood of infection.
  • We plan to continue to fulfil the contracted and agreed meetings and activities with our clients. However, if you would rather defer or re-schedule then please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Obviously, members of the P+P team will stop visiting / self-isolate if there are any signs of a viral infection.
  • As an alternative we are happy to work from our ‘home offices’, linking with our clients either via ‘Dropbox’ or other agreed information-sharing methods.
  • We would like to talk with all of our clients and reach a solution that best meets all of our needs for Health, Safety and Performance (getting the job done).
  • We are already aware of some cases of the accredited certification bodies asking clients to postpone or re-schedule visits. We would very much appreciate early notification if this happens.


Ongoing Review

We will be constantly reviewing our position, as the Official advice from the UK Government and international authorities is changing as the situation develops.  We will immediately communicate any changes to our stance.

You can check the following sites for the most up-to-date information:

Please take all precautions as advised and we wish you and all of your teams a healthy future.

If you wish us to give you a call, please complete our ‘Contact Me‘ form to let us know the best time to reach you.

Laurence Brooks
Managing Director
PerformancePlus Partnership

ISO consultants Ipswich, Cambridge, Norwich, Peterborough.

ISO consultants Ipswich, Cambridge, Norwich, Peterborough.