I know a man who can…

(Lyrics from a gospel song by Jack Campbell & Jimmie Davis)

Here at PerformancePlus we have a wide range of in-house knowledge but sometimes even we need to work closely with Associates who we know and trust and who bring specific areas of knowledge and competence to assist our clients in improving their businesses.

Here you will find links to our closest associates so feel free to speak to them if you think that they can help you with your business requirements (and please do to tell them that you have found them via our website).

Branding, Graphics Design and Printing

In fact for any of your design needs whether it’s creating a new logo, a look-and-feel outline for your new website or a fancy colour brochure to showcase your latest product or service we would always recommend Darren at DL Design

Darren Guiheen

DL Design Graphic Design & Branding

01787 466763




YourTelemarketing is a specialist telemarketing agency, offering a personal, flexible and affordable solution to help SME businesses to grow.

YourTelemarketing agents are highly experienced sales professionals who dedicate their time to intelligently performed call handling, converting your prospects into appointments. This allows you to focus your time on other business demands while they make the introductions that can lead to long term success. They can raise the awareness of your business, generate leads, and make appointments. They also undertake seminar and conference recruitment along with market research and customer satisfaction surveys.

Laura Morrison


0845 504 0400



Management Frameworks for the Construction Industry

Specialising in the construction industry, Andrew Foy wrote the book on quality standards – actually he did write a book (called “Not Just A Tick In A Box”) so he really does know what he’s talking about!

Andrew Foy

Foy Certification

07528 571357



Health & Safety Consultancy & Training

An established health and safety consultancy and training provider located in Suffolk, Acer Safety Services provide workplace health and safety support to a range of commercial and public sector organisations

André Castle

Acer Safety Systems

01473 559021



Customer Relationship Management

The best way to get more business quickly is via your existing customers, but (and this does sound pretty obvious) that rather depends upon you knowing who they are and whether they might be interested in what you are offering to them – and the very best way to do that is by installing (and properly using) a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. If you agree that it sounds like a good way to improve your business then talk to our friends at Junari.

Steve Austin


01206 625225



Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation

There are so many people out there claiming to be great web designers so how on earth do you choose between them? We think that you need expertise coupled with great customer service and reasonable prices so that’s why we chose Juiced Media to develop our web site. If you like what they’ve done for us then please go and talk to Joe.

Joe Scott

Juiced Media

0800 009 6099



Custom Software Development

If you have a great idea for a software product but lack the expertise to develop it (our RAMP product is a good example of this) or if you have two or more software applications that you wish would work together but you have no idea how to make them do so, then you really need to speak to Sean or Venitia at Syrinx Systems. Software solutions that really work at prices that won’t break the bank – we thoroughly recommend them.

Sean Billings

Syrinx Systems

01842 337210