Christmas Greetings From Everyone at P+P


Is that really another year passed? Another very busy one for P+P (and for many of our clients and friends). We hope that you have had a good year in 2023 and are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that 2024 will present. Although far less of a threat in ultimate terms, the Covid virus and its mutations are still with us causing disruption and disturbance on occasion to clients and then P+P.

For P+P, in system terms, ISO 9001 remains the bedrock, with the aerospace derivative 9100 and the 13485 Medical Electronics also featuring. The new revision of ISO27001, Information Security Management also provides us with useful occupations, particularly for Dave.

This year has seen Peter Basley decide to retire from P+P and take life somewhat easier. This was at least partially a result of a health scare, and I am happy to report that all is now well. A big, heartfelt thanks to Peter for all of his hard work and we wish him a long and enjoyable retirement.

Our clients are, in overall terms, progressing from the supply chain issues of the past 2 years with materials generally in a better availability, although pricing may still be a challenge. We have also seen some significant client changes, with Hi-Rel changing overall ownership – and we wish Ben Wink and the team every success. Also of note, Syrinix is now a part of the Badger Meter group – a significant integration task for Mike Bracher and colleagues.

In summary, then, have a thoroughly well-deserved break and let’s hit 2024 with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.


The P + P Team

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