February; ’tis the season of love and Valentine’s Day


Did you or one of your staff receive a card or a message from an unknown admirer?

Perhaps you (or they) received an unsolicited email or message via Facebook or Instagram suggesting that true love could be yours. All you needed was just to respond to this “loving” missive from someone who admired you from afar.

Well, don’t be tempted to respond because you might just suffer something far more tangible than a broken heart. You might end up with an empty bank account or damage your company’s IT network!


Love and Romance Scams

Romance scams are on the up and the perpetrators are not in the least bit romantic. Romance scammers will often create fake profiles on dating sites and apps. These scammers will try to strike up a relationship with you and build up trust. Sometimes they will be talking or chat several times a day. Then, they make up a story and ask for money or send you an attachment with “an interesting photograph”.

The Federal Trade Commission in the USA recorded a record $547 million in losses to romance scams in 2021. That’s up about 80% from 2020.

To compound this somewhat personal issue, there are also serious implications if the contact is made via a corporate email system or the response is sent during a break time but, again, using a corporate network or email facility.


Applying Information Security

Whilst the effects of a romance scam on an individual could seriously damage their wealth, the effects on a company resulting from a network security breach could be catastrophic. Loss of confidential financial or personal data, freezing of important company operating information, alteration of company records or loss of access to vital company systems are just a few.

ISO27001 is an International Standard for information security and setting up internal management systems that follow and comply with this Standard will go a long way towards protecting your company and your employees from the effects of external scammers, romantic or otherwise.


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