Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HR)

We provide specific tailored advice on all the following aspects of HR policy and practice.

  • We give practical timely advice on how to work within the employment legislation and meet its demands enabling you to concentrate on running your business.
  • We help you to draw up and implement contracts of employment, employee handbooks and all forms of personnel policies including, health and safety policy and equal opportunities.
  • We undertake job evaluation exercises, pay and salary benchmarking and benchmark salaries against competitor or industry and sectoral organisations.
  • We have a particular strength in giving guidance on disciplinary and grievance cases, mediation and assisted dispute resolution, dismissals and pre-employment tribunal support.

We find that as change takes place in organisations, sometimes training is not high on the change agenda. Our experience suggests that a good communications strategy tied into retraining staff and adapting their key skills to the new strategy brings immediate benefit. It also reduces the risk of poor motivation and morale, leading to increased resignations and higher costs to replace them.

  • We can assist you in producing training and development programmes tailored to your needs.
  • We can set up and run these programmes for you to produce the essential learning that your staff need to develop and produce good results when their performance is assessed.
  • We can create performance assessment schemes suited to your needs in order that you can identify those essential skill and development needs.
  • We are skilled in handling the management of change, from organisational restructuring studies to individual and collective assessment, training and development to produce tangible benefits to your organisation and support in meeting its targets.

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