ISO 9001 Plus

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ISO 9001 Plus


There are several areas of business that now require further, specific requirements in addition to the basic ISO 9001 regulations, in effect an ISO 9001 Plus. In particular, there are business sector schemes that cover:

Aerospace AS9100D
Automotive TS16949
Medical Products ISO13485
RAIL IRIS (International Rail Industry Standard), amongst others.


If your business operates in or supports one or more of these market sectors then registration to any of the above may help in two ways.

  1. Gain market entry and the opportunity to tender for production. Business is increasingly gated by registration to the appropriate sector scheme.
  2. The detailed requirements of each particular standard will help tune and adjust your operation to the typical needs and expectations of businesses operating in these environments.

If you are interested in finding out more about how this can benefit you, then PerformancePlus can help. We have successfully extended clients standard ISO 9001 systems to include the further requirements of the sector-specific documents. Giving them that extra Plus they need.

Explosive Atmospheres certification is also often required in conjunction with an ISO 9001 system. The IEC EX and/or ATEX programmes are covered by the ISO IEC 60079 series or the ISO IEC 80079-34 Quality framework. If you think this would be useful or is necessary for your business, we have the experience and knowledge to successfully support your needs.

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