ISO 45001

Occupational Health & Safety Standard
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ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System


You probably don’t want to see yourself in the dock defending your business from a health & safety prosecution and, providing you do the right and sensible thing, you probably won’t? So what will an occupational health & safety management system do for you that you are not doing already?

A good management system enables you to first meet your legal responsibilities and then go on to make sound business decisions that are both commercially viable and risk minimised. Just complying with the law tends to develop into an ad hoc piecemeal system that grows from the bottom up. It is difficult to control and manage and it becomes unwieldy by growing from actions that are all reactive and after the event.

A well-defined occupational health & safety management system pays dividends as it puts the spotlight on your processes and hazards, thus making everyone more aware and able to adopt a practical and safe method of working. It will enable you to see clearly the priorities for action before the event.

The old adage of you can’t manage what you can’t measure is equally applicable to occupational health & safety management as any other. Fortunately, the Standard encourages you to do this. Before you start on this journey it is a good plan to know what is happening in your business now.


Where we can help

Some of the features and benefits of a safety management system that you get are:

  • more top-down control and demonstrable commitment to Occupational Health & Safety;
  • integration into the general management of the business; “it is the way we do things around here” and
  • a vehicle for the public recognition of your achievements.


Already have a registered management system?

Then we strongly advocate you consider an integrated system, where you will gain the benefit from the elements you have already established like change control, corrective action, competence and continual improvement.

Finally, if you are thinking of starting on this occupational health & safety journey with a system, a registered system or an integrated system, then Contact us for a no commitment initial appointment.

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