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ISO 9001 Quality Management System

PerformancePlus offers expert help in implementing your ISO 9001 programme and achieving certification.

The proper implementation and subsequent successful certification of an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) can both transform a business and ensure that it can maximise all opportunities for bidding for government and large company contract tenders.

The PerformancePlus Team has come up with some helpful hints and tips for those considering the process.

  • The ownership of Quality lies with everyone in the organisation, not just the Quality representative.
  • Ensure that everyone understands your definition of Quality – “Exactly meeting the agreed requirements of the customer and exceeding their expectations” is a definition that works well.
  • Make sure that you lead by example. Talk Quality and then act Quality. If you are seen to be less than fully committed then don’t expect anything more from your staff.
  • Avoid information being entered repeatedly. This wastes time and gives more opportunity for error.
  • Don’t just gather data and then don’t analyse or use it. Information and data that is not utilised is a waste, either use it or don’t waste time gathering it.
  • Ensure that everyone uses the same method and process. Agree a standard method of operation; it reduces confusion and the potential for mistakes
  • Risk-based thinking within your business is a key factor for the current (2015) Revision of the Standard.

There are several areas of business that now require further, specific requirements in addition to the basic ISO 9001 regulations, an ISO 9001 Plus. If your business operates in or supports one or more of these specific market sectors then registration to their standards may help. Click here to find out more.


Need help to implement?

PerformancePlus and our Associates can help you to transform your business into a certified Quality business. We work closely with your team to plan, deliver and operate a structured Quality Management System and then steer you through the process towards a successful Quality certification. But it doesn’t end there; we can also show you how to maximise the potential advantages to be gained once you have achieved your certification in the form of new and increased business opportunities.

Finally, whether you already have a system, a registered system or no system, think about the benefits you may be missing and contact us for a no commitment initial appointment.

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