Christmas Greetings and a Reflection on 2020


How was 2020 for you and your business?

A Christmas query for you to ponder. It was almost certainly not the year that you were expecting or planning for at the turn of the year, or even into February. One thing I have observed from anecdotal information, as have many others, is that time has passed incredibly quickly. Routines have definitely changed, there are new factors to consider and a plethora of decisions to be made, almost on a daily basis. But in that respect, what’s new?

Keeping you, your loved ones and your staff healthy and happy have been the key priorities for most of us. This has been closely followed by keeping the business in the best state possible in the prevailing conditions. These achievements in themselves are something worth celebrating. So, well done to everyone who has managed these not insignificant goals!


New Systems in 2020

Throughout the year P+P was kept very busy handling a wide range of client needs, especially the support and administration of surveillance and registration audits from certification bodies in a remote manner. We have become proficient in the use of Zoom, Teams, Skype, Starleaf, Plastic cup and Taught string (well perhaps not!) and other conferencing platforms.

In support of these new surveillance and audit systems and methodologies, the evolution of cloud-based, potentially hard-copy free, easily accessible (management) framework systems has been a prime focus and realization for numerous clients. This is definitely something positive for the future and we are happy to demonstrate it for you.


Looking forward

You are now probably thinking about when there will be a new normal and what will it look like. One thing for sure is that it will be lastingly different to our pre-2020 existence. In the future, business systems improvement, enhanced communications and a close attention to market expectations will be necessary for an organisation to thrive and move forward.

We, at P+P, are in a position to advise and assist with these developmental activities. Just get in touch for a chat to review the possibilities.

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After such a dramatic and often challenging year, all of the team at P+P hope you have a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. Then come back re-invigorated for the new and ongoing challenges of 2021.

Keep Safe and Be Happy.