As a result of many large-scale cybersecurity attacks that have become major news stories over the past couple of years, most business Owners and Managers are aware of the cyber threat.  Unfortunately, too many believe that they are either too small to be a target for hackers or that they lack the resources to implement effective defences.

On both counts, the reality is different to perception.  Whilst the hackers label can be applied to a broad range of activities, most hackers are indiscriminate when choosing their targets and there are few businesses that don’t have something of value to a cyber-criminal.  The good news is that although resources are often scarce, smaller size, simpler IT infrastructure and a ‘can do’ attitude allows effective cybersecurity to be implemented on a budget.

Martin Cassey of Nascenta in Cambridge is an Information Security expert – but one who ‘speaks’ in simple terms.  He offers practical help, advice and affordable solutions for small to medium businesses who want to improve their security without breaking the budget.

If you would like to know more by way of practical advice supported by relevant case-studies, come along to our Footprints in the Cloud event on November 23rd (see the previous article). It will provide delegates with a number of simple, low-cost measures that they can use to reduce the risk of operating in the digital world.

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