I suppose that it’s just possible that you could be living in this 21st Century world and not have a problem with data security but, frankly, it’s pretty unlikely.

Let’s look at what your profile might be for you not to have some concern about data security.

1.      You would never use a computer or, if you did, it would never be connected to the Internet and you would never allow anyone to load any portable memory device on to it.

2.      You wouldn’t have a bank account

3.      You wouldn’t have any credit or debit cards

4.      You wouldn’t have a National Insurance Number

5.      You wouldn’t have a mobile phone (or if you did it would be a pay-as-you-go type and you wouldn’t store any data on it and you would dispose of it after you had used it)

6.      You wouldn’t have a (valid) driving license or passport

7.      You wouldn’t own property or even rent one with a proper tenancy agreement

8.      You wouldn’t be (legitimately) employed nor would you be an employer

To all intents and purposes, you would have to not exist.

So, assuming that you do exist and that you are living what might be termed a normal life in this 21st Century then you do have a problem with data security … your own.

And if perhaps, you own or manage a business then the likelihood is that not only do you have a problem with your own data security but you have an even bigger problem. You are responsible for other people’s data security: your customer’s, your staff’s, your suppliers’.

So what can you do to find out how to protect your own data security and that of any others you are responsible for?

Come along to our one-day data security and cybercrime event, ‘Hacked or Hacked Off’ at Hethel Innovation Centre, near Norwich on the 16th August starting at 9:00 am. The cost is £25 plus VAT and lunch is included.

You’ll hear from security experts including the Police Cybercrime Team, Trusted Management, The Training Experts and ourselves PerformancePlus.

For more information email events@performanceplus.co.uk or call us on 01284 330400