Interested Parties at the Wedding

International Standards certification requires that Interested Parties and their needs and expectations must be considered to achieve a successful outcome.

Just recently my wife and I attended the wedding of a family friend’s youngest son, held at Robin Hood’s Bay, near Scarborough, Yorkshire. For many reasons, it was not a routine ceremony.

To name a few peculiarities:

  • It was held on a Sunday afternoon.
  • There were no speeches, and very little formality, introductions, etc.
  • Only 10 people attended the actual wedding ceremony, with all the remaining guests arriving for the reception and the wedding breakfast.
  • There was a noticeable lack of an official photographer.
  • There was no discernible dress code for either women or men.
  • It was held at a genuinely stunning venue on a beautiful, warm Sunday afternoon and evening (definitely peculiar in England at this time of the year!)

As a result, to some people, this was out of the norm and not what a wedding should be.

Interested Parties Context

But, if we take a while to reconsider the event in the context of the Interested Parties:

  • The couple themselves; neither of whom could be considered as extroverts, being rather retiring (online) gamers and decidedly introverted.
  • The venue team who were extremely busy with other events and a full session of Mothering Sunday lunches.
  • The other guests, a fair number of whom had previously only met online but who were looking forward to a good ‘do’ and the sartorial elegance issues were hardly on their agenda and probably not budgeted for.

Thus, the outcome: an event that met the objectives of the prime couple, whilst keeping the other guests (the Interested Parties) amused, if not a little bemused.

Learning Opportunities

Were there opportunities for improvement/learning?

  • If nothing else, perhaps a little guidance with regard to what was going to happen and when would have helped.
  • A tad more formality would have kept everyone in the picture and aware of what was happening.
  • Communication, which is hard to overdo, could have been improved.

A good time had by all though?

You bet!


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