The proper implementation and subsequent successful certification of an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) can both transform a business and ensure that it can maximise all opportunities for bidding for government and large company contract tenders.

The PerformancePlus Team has come up with some helpful hints and tips for those considering the process

  • The ownership of Quality lies with everyone in the organisation, not just the Quality representative
  • Ensure that everyone understands your definition of Quality. “Exactly meeting the agreed requirements of the customer and exceeding their expectations” is a definition that works well
  • Make sure that you lead by example. Talk Quality and then act Quality. If you are seen to be less than fully committed then don’t expect anything more from your staff
  • A recent change to the ISO Standard now calls for the organisation to demonstrate risk-based thinking, there are various forms of risk analysis systems on the market and PerformancePlus offers a particularly simple and straightforward software tool (please ask for details).

Some simple things to look for:

  • Information entered repeatedly. This wastes time and gives more opportunity for error.
  • You gather data, but then don’t analyse or use it. Information and data that is not utilised is a waste, either use it or don’t waste time gathering it.
  • Everyone should use the same method and process. Agree a standard method of operation; it reduces confusion and the potential for mistakes.
  • Don’t over-specify in your processes or procedures, this leads to a constant need for updates and/or non-conformances. For example, instead of writing ‘the task is performed daily by X’, try ‘the task is carried out regularly, at least weekly by a competent person’
  • Clear, concise, targeted and then acknowledged communication is vital for successful outcomes. Don’t assume knowledge, agreement or participation
  • Celebrate your successes. When things go right, let everyone know and thank those responsible for the outcome

…and the final tip

Talk to PerformancePlus and let us help you transform your business into a certified ISO 9001 Quality business.