Adopt, Adapt and Carry On


Some further observations and thoughts regarding the return to places of work and considerations of what constitutes the ‘new normal’.

Certainly, people are returning to the workplace. If not in their droves, then in a trickle that is becoming a steady flow. Opinions continue to vary with regard to the merits of office/workshop versus remote working environments. We have one client who has actually abandoned their office, giving up their lease and permanently remote working.

However, another client cannot wait until the (engineering) team is back working (safely) in their office. This particular organisation has a group of vastly experienced engineers who are aged 50 years plus and then another group of very enthusiastic team members in the 25 to 35 years old range. They have found that optimum results are achieved when these two groups work in close harmony, rather than in separation/isolation.

As a note, whatever happened to the generation of engineers in the 35 to 45 years old bracket?

A further cadre of staff is now starting to come back from the furlough experience. Will these people be fully ‘up to speed’ and fully productive from day one? I suspect not. Many organisations now face some or all of these conundrums which need to be resolved.

As a common link, there is a definite need for information and support to be available to enable all of these groups to work effectively in a resource-efficient manner.


Adopt, Adapt

This is where a simple, clear and precise Management System can aid and support these processes. It will provide the answers to the How?, What?, Where? questions and the aide-memoires to the ‘just remind me’ situations.

Perhaps now is the time to give your management system a check with these factors in mind. Accurate and concise flowcharts, procedures and guidance notes that really reflect what happens, without omissions or assumptions, are well worth considering.

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