According to a recent report published by the Federation of Small Businesses1, cybercrime costs each small business victim nearly £3,000 and, even more disturbingly, nearly two-thirds of the small business members of that organisation have been the victims of cybercrime over the two year period surveyed.

This is typically not the headline-grabbing cybercrime that befalls such organisations as TalkTalk and Yahoo where vast quantities of personal data are stolen; this is cybercrime on a much smaller individual scale (albeit on a vast global scale) whereby computers are rendered inoperable, operational data is withheld or sometimes destroyed, business operations are disrupted and reputations are damaged.

In many such cases computers can be reset or repaired, (some) data can be restored and business operations can be restarted but the cost of so doing is represented by that average figure of £3,000 and more often than not, it does not in any way account for loss of trading and loss of reputation.

The report concludes that small businesses can improve their resilience to cyber attacks by taking basic precautions and improving their digital skills.

If you would like to know more about improving your digital skills, avoiding some of the obvious data security pitfalls and ensuring that your business does not suffer a financial loss due to cyber attack then why not come along to our next cybersecurity event – Footprints in the Cloud?

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