Stand Out from the Crowd

How do you stand out from the crowd? More specifically in the business environment. How do you make your business/service/product stand out from all the rest to enable you to attract and gain your next valuable customer?

In the 1960’s, Theodore Levitt, a professor at Harvard Business School, suggested that:

“Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.”


ISO Certification

An International Standards certification is a great way to prove to others that your business has reached and maintains an internationally agreed standard within a specific framework or area. This could be for:

    • Quality Management
    • Environmental Management
    • Data Security Management
    • Health and Safety Management
    • Food Safety Management.

These are, perhaps, the most common areas but the International Organisation for Standards (ISO) has actually published over 18,000 Standards and has members in 163 countries, and 788 technical bodies for standard development. Think of an ISO Standard as a formula that describes the best way of doing something, and one that is recognised worldwide.


Differentiate Your Business

You can establish a management system consisting of published policies and implemented procedures that conform to one of these Standards. Subsequently, have your management system certified by a recognised Certification Body. Then you will be entitled to advertise your successful compliance on your company communications, website, social media. In fact, via any promotion method you care to think of. And what better way than that to differentiate your business and stand out from the crowd?

Performance Plus can help you to achieve this. We won’t tell you how to run your business nor change everything to fit an arbitrary system. We will work with you, understanding how your business operates. Then help you to document it and formalise your established systems in compliance with your chosen International Standard. In addition, we can guide you through the certification process where we have an enviable record of 100% success in gaining that important ISO certification for our clients.

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