There is an urban myth that states that to kill a frog you just need to put it in boiling water … it isn’t true. The frog just jumps out!

If you want to kill a frog, you would put it in cool water and then very gradually increase the temperature of the water until it’s boiling. The frog will adjust to the changes up to the point where the water is too hot; at which time it just gives up and dies.

What’s the point I’m making? Well, small businesses are a bit like that frog. They adjust to the small changes around them; put up with minor problems and inconveniences; get used to things being wrong. Until, at some point, everything reaches a crisis and the business just dies.

As a business coach, I help business owners to understand their current situation and be aware of how it’s changing over time. I help them predict the metaphorical boiling water – well before it boils!

So, if you know a business owner who wants to stay cool then give them my contact details; we can have an introductory chat over a nice cup of tea, a far better use for hot water.

(No frogs were harmed in the making of this short blog!)