Planning the Future, Living the Dream

So, you own a successful business. You have put in the effort working long hours to make it succeed. You have wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Ok, perhaps not but you are comfortable financially. The one commodity that money can’t buy is time. You want the business to continue to succeed but you want to reduce the 24/7 of making decisions to be able to follow other dreams.


You need a Plan!

All is not lost; strangely enough, this is where ISO 9001:2015 can help. The standard has requirements that can assist you with this process. It lists such things as Context, Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities, Risks and Opportunities, Planning Change, Organisational Knowledge, Competence and Communication. All of which will undoubtedly play a part in building a robust structure for your business. If used intelligently there is a strong possibility that the fact-based decision making that ISO 9001:2015 promotes will lead you to the right answers.

This is where we can help you. With our team’s years of experience (I do mean years!), we have seen ISO 9001 used well and not so well. With this perspective, we can assist with these processes and sometimes difficult decisions.

Of course, you could take the standard and do it yourself. Get it right and you have saved money. Get it wrong and you have a potential mess that will require more time, money and effort to resolve.


What’s your dream?

So, whether your dream is driving Route 66 across the US, riding your motorcycle down the Pacific Coast Highway, climbing the Munros in Scotland or following the Tour de France by cycle. They all hinge on time, so let P+P liberate that time, to help you make those dreams come true!

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