Remote Working. Is this the new Normal?

We are now all settling into working in our home ‘bunkers’, sorry office/workspaces. Is this going to be the new normal, or merely an interlude before business reverts to the former ways and methods?

I suspect that the answer may well be some form of an intermediary step. Flexing to match the needs at a given time and environmental considerations (virus cycles of activity, etc.). However, the world of business will not be the same. Perhaps we will have a new verb.  ‘To Zoom’, i.e., to hold a multi-person video conference, the possible successor of ’to Google’. (Other video conference software is available!)


The Remote Working Process

Once sorted, the process of and ability to remotely interrogate data, review performance and actions (that is, to audit) will, I predict, be increasingly adopted. Zoom meetings (Zooms) will be the usual. There will be a further step function adoption of current technology, allied to the linked application of custom system solutions.

But there are times and circumstances when a physical meeting; ‘eyeballing’ the colleague, supplier or client, is still by far the best solution. There will be efficiency and economic benefits to be had. Less travel is less time lost, less energy consumed and hence an environmental benefit of less carbon emitted. With a good, remote working environment, probably not the kitchen table, it should be easier to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

This will require good self-sufficiency and being content with your own company. This, in itself, is a reason for periodic personal contact that should form an element of the ongoing business relationships.


Auditing Online

From the beginning of the lockdown working process we, at P+P, have been guiding and assisting clients through a series of remote audits. It is true to say that it was also a learning event for the external certification-body staff as well. In overall terms, it has progressed smoothly and given everyone thoughts for a better future.

As has always been the way of business, the successful adapt and adopt the new opportunities and methods. The trick will be to adopt the most appropriate method for each programme or activity.