Christmas is here already! Where did that year go? Everything went so fast. Well, everything except the ‘joyous’ Brexit process. With any luck, we’ll now get some clarity at least even on this issue in the new year. Uncertainty is the biggest enemy of business.

For P+P we have seen several new clients, with the requirements across the spectrum of Quality, Data Security, Environment & Health & Safety and other customs solutions. This new work, in association with ongoing demand from our established client base, has kept us very busy. A big thank you to all of you.


A New Addition to our Team

We’re very pleased to confirm that Liz Rix has joined the P+P team, as an Associate. Liz is a qualified lead auditor for both Quality & Environmental standards and, as a result, has provided a welcome boost to our capabilities.


Looking forward to 2020

We’ll be looking to recharge our batteries over the Christmas and New Year break and come back full of vigour to address the new and varied challenges that 2020 will present. Hopefully, you can do the same. Perhaps you can spare a few moments to consider what your key goals and objectives are on a personal and business level for the next 12 months. It’s always good to have a clear focus on what you’re striving to achieve and much more satisfying than just looking to survive the next ‘fire-fighting’ crisis.

Finally, if you need any support, guidance or help with improvement or have issues that need to be addressed with:

Or, if you just want a sounding board for your problems, challenges or new concepts, then give us a call on 01284 330400 or email on We’re happy to have a chat and explore how we can help you.